Multisig Composition

Multisigs will be used for the initial bootstrapping of the project and for governing key parameters.

In order to bolster decentralisation Aura will utilise a number of multisig wallets (Gnosis Safe) for specific entities. The structure will consist of the following multisigs:

Protocol Multisig

Initially consisting of 7 signers (4/7 majority needed). The proposed delegation of the signature keys are as follows:

  • 3 x Aura contributors

  • 2 x Balancer Ballers

  • 2 x Reputable/known DeFi community members

Treasury Dao

Keeping with the intention of Aura being a community owned protocol, its funds will be no different. All treasury keys will be delegated to respected community members across the Defi space with no prior or current affiliation with Aura.

The treasury will initially consist of 7 signers with a 4 sig majority required:

  • 2 x Aura affiliates

  • 5 x Reputable/known DeFi community members

Multi-sig Evolution

AIP-8 Multisig best practices Framework was approved by governance and is now used to ensure the multi-sig remains active. While at the time of this writing, the current breakdown of signers remains accurate, it may change in the future based on regular governance assessing multisig livliness such as AIP-16.

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