Aura Finance

For $BAL stakers


Read about veBAL on the Balancer docs.


auraBAL is tokenised veBAL
Aura allows users to deposit their 80/20 BAL/WETH BPT here and receive auraBAL, instead of the non-transferrable veBAL. Tokenised auraBAL is given to the user at a 1:1 rate for veBAL, and can be traded on Balancer finance.
This BPT is then locked up by the Aura protocol for the maximum time in Voting Escrow where it will allow the Aura system to benefit from its voting power for boosting rewards & voting for gauges.

auraBAL Staking

  • auraBAL can be staked into the platform to receive normal Balancer admin fees one would get for normally holding their veBAL, in both BAL and bb-a-USD;
  • Additionally, users staking auraBAL will receive BAL from Aura's performance fee, as well as the platform native token AURA.

auraBAL Liquidity Pools

  • Rather than staking auraBAL, users can also choose to contribute to the Balancer pool auraBAL/[80/20 BAL/ETH BPT].
  • Users can then stake the auraBAL BPT token on Aura Finance to receive a separate pool of AURA rewards for providing liquidity to others to enter and exit the ecosystem via the auraBAL token.

Governance power

The governance power from the deposited veBAL is controlled by Aura lockers.