Multisig Rights

The system is non-custodial. There should be no circumstances under which admin functions can pause, siphon off, or redirect user capital; thus, time-lock delays are not required.

Immutable Contracts

All Aura smart contracts are immutable therefore, there are no admin rights to update smart contracts

Pausable Contracts

Aura smart contracts are not pausable; users always have control of their funds.

Admin Functions

Most Aura governance follows the process described here, once the governance process has taken place, then the Protocol Multisig can perform admin actions.

  • AuraLocker (vlAura).

    • Add another reward token

    • Approve a particular distributor to add rewards

    • Set the incentive for kicking (capped)

    • Shut down the locker allowing all deposits to be withdrawn immediately

    • Recover non-reward erc20 tokens

  • Booster

    • Change platform fees allocated to stakers within hard-coded ranges, with an absolute fee ceiling of 25%

  • Voter Proxy

    • Set reward with-drawer and deposit for unprotected tokens ending up in the VoterProxy from direct or airdrop incentives to ve holders.

    • Set the gaugeController and minter (BAL) address

    • Apply a new "operator" on the whitelisted proxy contract if and ONLY if the operator is not set or the Booster is wholly shut down.

  • Shutdown/pause new deposits to Pool staking contracts.

    • Allows users to withdraw all funds

  • Shutdown/pause new deposits to the protocol.

    • Allows users to withdraw all funds

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