Aura Finance

Vote Locking

Locking AURA

Locked AURA will facilitate governance of the Aura protocol. Those who lock their AURA and delegate their voting (self-delegation allowed), before the start of the following epoch will be able to participate in all decisions surrounding the molding of the protocol. Locks last for 16 weeks.
Locked AURA also provides voting power for Balancer governance; locked AURA balances are mapped to system-owned veBAL.
These include its development and the allocation of the protocol accrued veBAL. Therefore locking will be required for users to influence the direction in which rewards are allocated. Other protocols have demonstrated the economic power this carries...
Aura lockers will be rewarded directly with auraBAL.
Aura can be locked on the Lock page of the Aura frontend.


It is possible to delegate your voting power to a specific address. This might be useful if you are not an active governor or you wish to take advantage of third party protocols.

Delegating Aura voting power

After locking Aura, and before the start of the next epoch, you must delegate your vlAURA to yourself, a third party, or to Aura.
To delegate to yourself, select "Self Delegate." To delegate to third party, navigate to "Delegate to a specific address," enter the address, then select "Delegate." To delegate to Aura, select "Delegate to Aura."
Once delegated, "Delegating" will show the total amount of vlAURA being delegated, and "Vote weight" will display your voting weight.

Delegating Balancer voting power

Delegating Balancer votes is separate to the Aura delegation. This delegation is defined on the balancer.eth space on the Gnosis Delegate Registry.
Unlike Aura delegation, you can cast votes on Balancer without first self-delegating. You can choose to delegate to Aura or a trusted third party.
After locking Aura, you can view your Balancer voting power and set a delegate by selecting the "Balancer" tab on the Lock page of the Aura frontend, or by using Balancer's Snapshot space.


Balancer gauge voting
It is possible to direct the flow of incentives on the Balancer protocol by voting for specific gauges. There are substantial markets developing to offer incentives for voting for specific gauges, like Hidden Hand by Redacted. This allows you to earn additional rewards.
Internal governance
Vote on changes to the Aura protocol
Treasury management
Direct the Aura treasury
Balancer snapshot voting
Vote on the outcome of Balancer snapshot proposals