Aura Finance
Fees keep the system incentives running

Fee Structure

There is a 17% total fee on all BAL revenue generated by Balancer LPs on Aura.
  • 5.5% goes to auraBAL stakers. This is paid out as BAL.
  • 11% goes to AURA lockers. This is paid out as auraBAL.
  • 0.5% goes to the harvest caller. This is paid out as BAL.
  • Fees are taken only from BAL revenue; no fees are taken from tokens from incentivized Balancer pools, nor from veBAL admin fees

Fee Ranges

Fees can be adjusted between hard-coded ranges.
  • 3-15% for auraBAL stakers rewards
  • 3-15% for AURA locker rewards
  • 0.1 - 1.0% for "caller" fees. Gas reimbursement for calling gas heavy functions to harvest and distribute rewards.
  • 0-2% for "treasury" fees. (This is an arbitrary address that can be used for various functions, thus the low limit of 2%)
There is an absolute fee ceiling of 25%
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