For Liquidity Providers

Deposit BPTs

What are BPTs

Balancer Pool Tokens (or BPTs) are received from for depositing assets into a liquidity pool. Read more on their docs.

Balancer Gauges

These BPTs can be staked in Balancer Gauges to earn BAL rewards. Depositors are given a "boost" up to 2.5x based on their veBAL balance ( To get a veBAL balance, users usually need to lock up BAL in the Balancer VotingEscrow. That's where Aura comes in...

Aura for Balancer LPs

Aura gives users the ability to continue receiving their trading fees but at higher APY due to Aura's protocol owned veBAL. Simultaneously Aura LPs will benefit from protocol native (AURA) tokens in the form of rewards.

Aura provides users the ability to maximize yield on their BPT whilst offering exposure to the governance token of a protocol with the economic weight of substantial veBAL.

AURA governance tokens, which are used to direct the voting power of the veBAL in AURAbal are minted alongside BAL earned and paid to LPs and other ecosystem users thereby creating additional incentives.

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